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Solution SetPutting Carbon Back in the Soil where it belongs

Biomass and other "waste" materials pile up when they seemingly serve no useful purpose, or if their disposal is expensive or polluting. CDS offers the optimal solution to this problem, turning liabilities into assets, but that's just the beginning...

System owners enjoy a turnkey, integrated solution that is easy to operate, affordable and profitable — often paying for itself within 2-3 years.

Outputs from system operation — biochar, bio-oil, or other co-products, can be used to improve soil productivity, boosting the health of everything that grows, eliminating pollution, drawing down atmospheric CO2 and safely sequestering it in the ground. In nature, nothing is wasted. Profit from partnering with CDS, a cutting-edge solution that returns carbon in its various forms to replenish soils and benefit all living things. Find out how.

From home gardens to commercial agriculture, biochar's popularity and more than 50 uses are catching on. (more on biochar)

CDS — the Missing Link

Biochar in handWe sell the systems that are the missing link to climate change, converting the liability of waste to the assets of electricity and biochar, soil fertility and carbon drawdown.

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The CDS Advantage

CDS systems are designed to address these global issues:

  • Convert biomass and other feedstocks (often polluting or toxic) to assets
  • Remove carbon from the air to increase soil fertility
  • Initiate a Nature-based cascading value chain
  • Make and apply biochar to reclaim abandoned farmlands
  • Provide standalone electricity generation in remote locations
  • Mitigate health risks and agriculture-related climate disruption
  • Stimulate local economic self-reliance through sustainable development.

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The CDS Solution

CDS Products combine the latest innovations in turnkey systems that profitably convert diverse feedstocks into carbon that stays in the soil.
CDS System schema
For more about the CDS products, click on Solutions | How it works

To learn more, visit Biochar or Customers.


Biochar - what is it?Biochar: what is it? | For soil detox | Additional uses

If you've used biochar, you probably tell everyone you know about it. If not, you'll want to read this primer.


Verdant Colorado Mine -- just 13 months after adding biocharColorado mine demonstrates detoxifying power of biochar

What was once a toxic wasteland of arsenic, cadmium, lead and zinc on a steep mountainside is now a haven for natural grasses and wildflowers (more). Biochar as a soil detoxifier in New Zealand (more).

Rice straw burning - common practice in many countriesRice industry opportunity: turning liabilities to assets

In Vietnam alone, rice production generates 31 million tons per year of hulls and rice straw, often burned off fields (more).


Plastics as feedstockUsing CDS to convert old tires or plastics to clean energy

Both plastics and tires have about the same caloric value per ton as natural gas, but can be cleanly and efficiently converted to energy (more).

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